Jobs aplenty in region

Jobs aplenty in region Construction jobs in the region offer average pay of $ 14.70 an hour and only 20 percent of those jobs require previous experience, according to the most recent job vacancy survey conducted by DEED. In general, “the more specific the skills an employer … Read more on DL-Online Hoping to make holidays […]

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Latest Earn Extra Money News

Free App Friday: 5 Ways To Make A Little Extra Money You can make a few extra bucks with the Secret Shopper app (Android, iOS, Web). Once you're signed up as a mall ninja, your phone's GPS will direct you to your nearest target, at which point you'll snap photos of price tags or test […]

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Latest Work From Home News

3 ways to make working from home work — for everyone A majority of U.S. workers say they'd like to work from home at least part of the time. Many see it as critical to work/life balance — a reason Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, herself a new mom, was criticized so harshly for rolling back […]

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5 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money

5 Easy Ways to Stop Wasting Money It's important to review your policies carefully regularly to make sure that they still reflect your needs. How much life insurance you require will likely change over the course of your lifetime. So too will the amount of car insurance. In this case … Read more on ABC […]

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Infidelity Is Not The Biggest Problem Facing Troubled Marriages, Says Unorthodox Matchmaker Hellen Chen

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 18, 2014 In a recent seminar, relationship guru and media favorite Hellen Chen discussed marital problems with a group of singles and couples, pointing out how most of these problems stem from poor communication, despite the couple’s best intentions. Statistics from reveal that 41% of married men and […]

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